Welcome to another season with Upside! Just like how we kicked off winter and spring, we are back again with summer cocktails! Next time you are at the grocery store don't forget the ice, because you are going to need it for all these drinks... 

Frozen Boozy Arnold Palmer

We know we are always making traditional non-alcoholic drinks alcoholic, but we can't ourselves! But don't worry this one is different since you are adding alcohol AND its blended with ice. We just couldn't resist.

Full Recipe: Epicurious

Pineapple Ginger Mojito

 Nothing makes us feel more on vacation than pineapples and mojitos. Are you planning a staycation or just sitting at home with only a couple PTO days that you don't want to spend? What perfect way to pretend like you are on a tropical island with this cocktail!

Full Recipe: Pizzazzerie 

Strawberry Orange White Wine Sangria

Picture this: It's summertime, all your friends are gathered at your house enjoying the pool or hanging out in the backyard. The quickest drink you can serve? Sangria! But, this time it's chopped up with fruit to add in a taste of summer.

Full Recipe: My Food Story

Key Lime Gimlet

Honestly, not really sure what a gimlet is or know the difference between key lime juice and lime juice. But that's why we had to put this on the list. Summer is all about adventure! So, give this one a try and let us know.

Full Recipe: Country Living

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