The best part about a cheese board is that it can serve as an appetizer or in some cases be served as the main meal. But why not up your cheese game at the next dinner party by bringing in wine pairings for each cheese on the board? (I know, we are dinner party geniuses). We have compiled a list of five popular cheeses and found their perfect match. Don't forget to stop by the wine aisle! 

Champagne and Brie

Nothing is more inviting that a glass of champagne as all your friends begin to arrive. Champagne is acidic and brie has a high fat content. When working together, champagne cleanses the palate from the richness of brie, and brie helps to enhance the fruitiness of champagne.

Sauvignon Blanc and Goat Cheese

A goat cheese is tart and sooo creamy! Sauvignon Blanc is acidic and citrusy. When pairing your goat cheese, this white wine delivers all its flavors into the cheese, creating an herbal flavor that you won't be able to have enough of.

Cabernet Sauvignon and Extra Sharp Cheddar

Cabernets are full-bodied wines and extra sharp cheddar is also a bold cheese. The boldness of the Cab can draw out the boldness of the cheddar. If you're looking for intense flavors, this is your pairing. 

Port and Blue Cheese

Mmm dessert! Blue cheese is commonly known as an appetizer, but it is actually considered a dessert cheese, can we give a big shout out to France for this one? Blue cheese is creamy and contains some of the strongest flavors. Pairing it with a dessert wine can add a sweetness to the cheese.

Beer and Manchego

I know we said this is a wine and cheese pairing. But what a fun surprise for your guests when you pull out BEER to be paired with cheese! Manchego contains aged nutty flavors and beer like nut-brown ales complement these flavors. 

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