We all know dads have a go-to drink whether it's hard liquor or just a cold beer. In honor of Father's Day, we are here to help your dad switch up his drinking routine based on his favorite alcoholic beverage! Nothing says Happy Father's Day like bringing your old man something new to try. He may love you for this or he may hate you for this, but who's going to get mad at the person that brought alcohol to the party?

If your dad loves... Bud Light

Switch over to 805 by Firestone Walker Brewing Company. The beer is described as a light and refreshing ale created for the laid back attitude of California. A classic beer on the Central Coast started by two brother-in-laws who wanted to make the perfect beer, you can't go wrong with 805. 

If your dad loves... Whiskey

Switch over to Ransom Old Tom Gin. Unlike most gins, this one has a light amber color and has been described as having an underlying heat and oakiness to the taste. (It's been aging in a barrel for a year!) You can use it to even make classic whiskey drinks like Old Fashioned and Whiskey Sours. Blow your dad away with your knowledge of what good liquor tastes like when you bring this out with the steak.

If your dad loves... Tequila

Honestly, who are you to tell your dad he needs to try something new? Seems to us there is no need for him to change! Just bring over his favorite tequila brand and some fresh limes and you're good to go.

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