The craze surrounding Dalgona candy has taken social media by storm since the release of Squid Game. But did you know that Dalgona candy has been a popular street snack in South Korea since the 1970s and 1980s, and is still eaten as a retro food? Join us in today’s blog as we walk you through Dalgona Candy and better yet, Dalgona Coffee Martini, a perfect cocktail for your next Squid Game themed party.

Dalgona Candy / Poppgi (뽑기)  

Dalgona candy is made with melted brown sugar and baking soda. To get *scientific* when the baking soda is mixed with the melted brown sugar, the thermal decomposition of the baking soda releases carbon dioxide which makes the liquidized sugar puff up, and it becomes a light crunchy candy once cooled and hardened. The creamy beige liquid is then poured on a flat surface, pressed flat, and stamped with a patterned mold.  

Eaters in Korea try to trim their way around the outline/shape on the snack without breaking the pattern. If you are able to do this, the street vendor will give you another free Dalgona! But Dalgona goes beyond the (squid) game and street vendors. Many bars around Korea serve Dalgona flavored cocktails and many cafes serve Dalgona Coffee.  

How Make Dalgona Coffee Martini At Home!


Full Recipe:

The Dalgona Coffee Martini is sugary compared to a regular shot. If you are susceptible  to hangovers but really want to try this cocktail, take Upside beforehand so that you can  try the drink worry-free. As the popularity of Squid Game and Dalgona grows, the Dalgona Martini is also going to be spotted in more and more places, but just know you heard it here first.

Enjoy the new drink without the hangover, get your Upside here.

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