We have all heard about fun drinks to order at the bar, and fun cocktails to make at home, but have you ever heard about what not to order at the bar? Annemarie, fellow member of Team Upside, and more notably fellow bar hopper, shares her top 4 drinks that no one (and she means no one) should order at the bar. 


Long Island Iced Tea 

Look, we aren't in college anymore, there are other drinks out there that doesn't scream "I'm using a fake ID." I haven't had one of these since I was 18... do people really enjoy these drinks or are they just drinking it because they don't know what else to order? Leave a comment as I gather the data!



We love a minty fresh drink! But definitely not at a busy bar. Don't do this to your poor bartender! They would have to crush mint and all the extra steps to make this elaborate drink. And maybe, don't do this to everyone else trying to buy a drink quickly and get back to their friends. 


White Russian

The last time I ordered this drink was at a bar in Shanghai, China when I was in high school. As an adult I have never seen anyone order this drink at the bar. But, I also don't think anyone should order this at the bar. Vodka and milk? This seems like something you're going to regret after about an hour and your tummy starts making noises. 


Red Wine

No, you should definitely enjoy a glass of wine... when you're not at the dingy bar on a night out. Have you ever ordered a red wine at a bar - that isn't a fancy bar? They are usually low shelf, and WARM. Like, not room temperature, but warm. The one and last time I ordered red wine from the bar, it was like a glass of overpriced 711 wine. Red wine is meant to be enjoyed, so don't go for this one (trust me on this). 

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