What's your favorite part of the holidays? Ours isn't just the holiday cocktails, but also the holiday movies! So we thought we would pair some of our favorite holiday movies with the perfect, festive cocktail. Happy festivities, Upsiders! 



Paired Holiday Drink: Spiked Egg Nog

Egg nog is for buddies! Share some egg nog with your buddy, while watching Buddy the Elf in all his Christmas spirit glory.  


Love, Actually

Paired Holiday Drink: Mistletoe Mules

 Love is in the air! Just like Mia, we'll be hanging around the mistletoe waiting to be kissed.


The Holiday

Paired Holiday Drink: Mulled Wine

Mulled wine reminds us of Christmas markets in Europe. Bring on The Holiday spirit with Cameron Diaz in England.


Happiest Season

Paired Holiday Drink: Christmas Old Fashioned

 Meeting your significant other's family can be tough, just like in Happiest Season. We suggest a strong drink for this one!


Home Alone

Paired Holiday Drink: Spiked Hot Chocolate

Bring back the childhood memories with hot cocoa! But we are adults, so a little bourbon can't hurt either.

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