Congratulations, you have now purchased your first Upside Jelly! We know the excitement of waiting for your goodies to arrive and are here to help fill the void! Let’s dive into what to expect when you’re expecting Upside. 

What to Expect: Shipping

If you ordered a box set, you should receive an email containing your tracking number within 2 business days of ordering. We aim to ship out all orders the same-day if they were ordered before 11AM PST. 

If you ordered our sampler, you will receive a shipping confirmation email the same-day as your order. Samplers are shipped USPS First Class Mail. Due to the small size of the Sampler, they are shipped as Letters and not packages, and thus, won’t have a tracking number. These are typically delivered between 3-5 business days. We recommend you check your mailbox to see if your Sampler was delivered! Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

What to Expect: Packaging

Upside anti-hangover supplements are referred to as jelly sticks, because that is exactly what they are - sticks! The small sizes of each stick is made for portability in mind. They can fit in your pocket when you are traveling and your purse when you are headed to friend’s house for a glass of wine. Each box comes with 10 sticks, one for every time you drink. As always, sharing is caring so they can even be cute party favors when friends come over.

What to Expect: Flavors

Now let’s talk about the jelly. The jelly is a tropical berry flavor and some of our customers have described it as so good that they would want to eat it even when they aren’t planning to drink. The tasty flavor means you don’t need to chase it or convince yourself to take it like a shot, you can eat it as is. 

What to Expect: Usage

You may think that the only time to take Upside is when you go to a big party or plan to go all out, but Upside can also be for people that feel the side effects of a hangover just with one glass of wine. 

  • Upside is made with traveling in mind, so grab a few when you are headed to a happy hour and share the sticks as the cocktails start coming. 
  • Going to a work party? Grab an Upside and elegantly have a drink or two more to loosen up with colleagues knowing you are going to be waking up refreshed the next morning. 
  • Now you can also enjoy a bottle of wine with dinner in the comfort of your own home on a weeknight. Who’s to judge when you have Upside to help you in the next morning?
  • Wine Tastings and whiskey tastings can often cause you to drink more than you were expecting to consume. Take an Upside before you head to the first location!
  • We at Upside love a good brunch with friends! But, too much champagne can also cause our demise by 5pm. Don’t let your evening go to waste by taking an Upside before brunch. And if you plan on continuing the party after brunch, take a second one to prepare for your night activities. 

We cannot wait for you to try our product. Let us know what you think of Upside and don’t forget to leave a review!

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