Gone are the days of winter and cold weather, and today we are welcoming spring with refreshing new drinks to match the sunshine! This season it’s all about barbecues and picnics (socially distanced of course). We couldn’t help ourselves in sharing with you some of our favorite cocktails to help you spring into spirit with some spirits. 

Photo Credit: Country Living

Daisy Buchanan Cocktail

When life gives you lemons, don’t forget to add the gin. This refreshing cocktail from Country Living was inspired by F. Scott Fitzegerald’s golden girl. Nothing says spring like citrus notes mixed with an iced tea. 

Full Recipe: Country Living 


Photo Credit: A Tipsy Giraffe

Raspberry Peach Champagne Cocktail

Brunch is back and so is champagne in the afternoon. This specialty cocktail has both champagne and vodka in a fruitful combination of peach and raspberry, making sure that all your guests are having a great time.

Full Recipe: A Tipsy Giraffe


Photo Credit: Saveur

Basil Martini

We couldn’t help ourselves to put another gin drink on the list. Gin and Tonics have been all the rage, but why not make gin into a martini? A quick and easy recipe that will sure help you make the switch from your martini order. Garnish with basil from your garden for an extra touch of finesse. 

Full Recipe: Saveur


Photo Credit: Vince Fleming

Bourbon Milkshake

You scream, I scream, we all scream for milkshakes! Boozy milkshakes are the perfect mix of childhood favorites and adult beverages. Bourbon blended with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup makes it hard to share and don’t worry, we won’t judge you if you don’t.

Full Recipe: Liquor 

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