Happy New Year from Upside!

We hope your Christmas celebrations were filled with love and joy and now you are ready to jump into throwing a New Year's Eve party from the comfort of home. Though the bars may be closed, we should not let that stop us from ringing in 2021 with a little special something-something for our loved ones or quarantine crew. Sit back, relax and let us whip you up the perfect party.


Photo Credit: Giadzy

Signature Platter

Cheese platters have been all the hype this year and we should not sleep on this trend. Don't let the images fool you, all you need is some cheese, fruit, crackers and nuts. Spread it out on a wooden platter and you got yourself a fancy cheese plate. If you have a lot of candy and cookies leftover from this holiday, even consider going for a dessert platter in lieu of cheese. 

Photo Credit: Half Baked Harvest

Signature Drink

You can't have a signature platter without a signature drink! We know all great parties have one. Half Baked Harvest provides a recipe for a Blood Orange Champagne Mule.  

Photo Credit: One Good Thing by Jilllee (Left), Classy Clutter (Right) 

Party Aesthetics

Not just your regular balloons and streamers, but resolutions and confetti. This year has been hard on all of us and with the new year brings new hopes. Have your guests write down a resolution, which everyone can choose to share or start a fire and burn them to keep them your little secret. As the clock strikes midnight, throw the confetti in the air to welcome in the new year with some glitter! 

Photo Credit: Katie Az (Left), My Korean Kitchen (Right)

New Year's in Asia

Asian moms love to show their love by feeding you and we are not going to be the ones to stop that tradition. In Asia, different foods can represent good fortune and blessings. I don't know about you, but have the year we have all had we can all use a little extra luck in 2021. China uses tangerines as a symbol of good fortune, which can be gifted to friends and family or used as decoration. South Korea serves Tteokguk or Rice Cake Soup on Lunar New Year to bring in good luck. You can find a recipe by My Korean Kitchen here

Photo Credit: Danielle MacInnes

New Year's Day

The worst part of a new year's party is waking up the next morning... or should we say afternoon? You should never let a party ruin your morning and the first day of 2021 should not be any different. Start your new year's day by waking up refreshed and ready to act on those resolutions, with a cup of coffee and breakfast of course. With a box of Upside, we can help you do more and live more in the new year. All that time wasted on a next day hangover is now just a distant memory, like we wish 2020 would be. 

Upside cannot wait to see what the new year brings and we look forward to be a part of your celebrations in 2021!

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