Happy Holidays from the Upside family! 
Whether you are spending this holiday season with friends, family or roommates, we wanted to make sure your Christmas Zoom session is anything but boring. Today, we are sharing some fun activities to play over video chat, and of course, pairing each activity with a fun holiday drink! Don’t worry, we also included non-alcoholic beverages for the children to enjoy. These games are kid-friendly, but can also be played at adult-only functions.  

Lounge and Learn

Do you have something that you are passionate about? A Lounge and Learn is the perfect way to showcase that passion. Each person will create a PowerPoint presentation on a topic of their choosing and present it on Zoom. Some topics could include “What came first, the chicken or the egg?” or “An Analysis of Nicholas Cage Films and What Makes Them Great.” Not only will you teach your friends on a new topic, we promise it will cause some laughter.

Pair This With: White Christmas Margarita

DIY Jeopardy

All you need is a large poster and sticky notes. Create as many categories as you want and questions under the sticky notes. Then, on top of the sticky notes, either play with points or by shots (if it’s an all-adult party). This requires one person to be the Jeopardy Master to create the categories, questions and know the answers. DIY Jeopardy is the perfect way to include categories that you and your family members love, and maybe see some competition. 
Pair This With: Spiked Eggnog
Under 21: Non-Spiked Eggnog

Guess Who

Make your own Guess Who board. Include everyone attending the Zoom meeting as a character on the board, and other people you may know. Then, go around and try to guess who each person has with “Yes” or “No” answers. You never know how someone would describe you in this game! For a special twist limit your questions to one word. 
Pair This With: Dirty Shirley Cocktail
Under 21: Shirley Temple


Sometimes Zoom calls are supposed to be active. Like the Mystery Box Challenge on MasterChef, select your opponents’ 10 items and everyone will have 45 minutes to make a specialty dish. Watch live as your friends and family try to make their meal. We are sure there will be lots of mess ups and fun in the kitchen. 
Pair This With: Santa Clausmopolitans

Don’t drink without us this holiday! Whether it’s one drink or a couple, Upside is here to relieve those next-day symptoms. Even with just a glass of wine, we can make sure you have nothing to worry about when it comes to headaches, nausea or dry mouth. Buy your pack here.

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