There are multiple cited physiological factors that can contribute to a hangover that include but are not limited to: alcohol withdrawal effects, toxic byproduct of alcohol metabolization, and different congeners present in alcohol. Our proprietary blend of herbal ingredients centered around Hovenia Dulcis focuses on combating the unpleasant symptoms of a hangover by supplementing your body while you drink and after the complete metabolization of alcohol.[1]

Consumed alcohol is metabolized into acetaldehyde—a known carcinogen— by alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH), cytochrome P450E1, and catalase. The resulting acetaldehyde is oxidized (metabolized) by aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH) to a less active acetate that our bodies can easily breakdown and dispose of as water and carbon dioxide.[2] But it is in this two-step process where our hangover culprit exists.

High concentrations of acetaldehyde within our bodies can have toxic effects, characteristic of a hangover, that need to be metabolized and safely disposed of.[3] And now, I bet you’re wondering, how can Upside help beat human biology? Simple. Hovenia Dulcis with the admixture of 10 different herbal ingredients are the powerhouse to help alleviate hangover symptoms.


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