We all know good vodka from bad vodka. One tastes like hand sanitizer and the other goes down smooth... and well, doesn’t taste like hand sanitizer. A liquor often associated with Russians, has also become popular around the world. In the U.S. some favorite bar drinks include vodka cranberry, vodka soda and Moscow Mules. But, the Russians know the proper way to drink them, and it isn’t in cocktail form. After speaking with Nikita, our resident Russian, I wanted to share with you some tips I learned on how to drink vodka like a Russian.

Stick your vodka in the freezer, because you have to make sure that it is freezing cold. And just like a lime is to tequila, pickles are the best chasers for vodka. If you don’t like pickles, opt for something salty. For all the classy ladies out there, my favorite time drinking with Russians was when we chased vodka with caviar. Now THAT is a treat! 

Russians drink vodka ONLY as shots and usually with food. The perfect dinner party pairing for New Years, birthdays, dinner parties, anniversaries… maybe it’s easier to say vodka was made for every occasion. Hosts are always expected to have vodka when they invite guests over, but as the guest, it is also customary to bring food or alcohol to the party. May we suggest caviar and vodka?

One last trick... 

As someone who does not enjoy taking shots, but will do it for the experience with friends, Nikita left me with one last trick the Russians use to take shots of vodka. Before you take the shot, take a deep breath, hold it, swallow your shot and exhale. Try it out!

Nikita recommends these cheap vodka brands that are actually really high quality: Svedka, Kettle One, New Amsterdam, and Titos. Lastly, don’t drink without us! Upside provides the best hangover cure to make sure you can have fun without the morning after feel. Purchase your boxset now!

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